The Institute
by Med Systems / Screenplay
(Screenplay notched box with Xeroxed back cover)

Second to Scott Adams himself, Jyym Pearson was probably the most recognized adventure game author to come out of Adventure International. Pearson, usually with co-authors, worked on a number of the AI "Other-Ventures" games, including Curse of Crowley Manor, Escape from Traam and Earthquake San Francisco 1906, as well as the unnumbered adventures Zossed in Space and Saigon: The Final Days.

Published in 1981, The Institute was Pearson's first game released outside of Adventure International, though it uses the Other-Ventures game file format and interpreter. Jyym was still writing games for AI at the time, and after, so I'm going to speculate that AI directed him to MedSys / Screenplay whenever his work ventured into the territory of questionable taste. (The plot of Institute casts you as a mental patient who escapes his cell, raids the medicine stores, and takes drug-induced trips to various remote locales. Jyym is also known for Lucifer's Realm, which according to rumors was the first computer game to be banned in the U.S.)

Unlike Scott Adams, Jyym Pearson is no longer with us. He succumbed to terminal cancer (metasticized lymphoma) in 1994.


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