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eBay Bid History for
wizard and the princess sierra hi-res atari (Item # 2064238959)

Currently $55.55 First bid $9.99
Quantity 1 # of bids 11
Time left Auction has ended.
Started Oct-23-02 19:10:56 PDT
Ends Oct-28-02 18:10:56 PST
Seller (Rating) davidwolf5Spacer(0)Spacer Not a registered user

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Bidding History (Highest bids first)
User ID Bid Amount Date of Bid
finesseSpacer(162)Spacerstar $55.55 Oct-28-02 17:03:32 PST
crpgerSpacer(41)Spacerstar $55.00 Oct-28-02 18:01:59 PST
crpgerSpacer(41)Spacerstar $50.00 Oct-28-02 17:58:36 PST
finesseSpacer(162)Spacerstar $45.66 Oct-28-02 17:03:04 PST
crpgerSpacer(41)Spacerstar $45.00 Oct-28-02 17:58:19 PST
crpgerSpacer(41)Spacerstar $40.00 Oct-28-02 17:56:14 PST
crpgerSpacer(41)Spacerstar $35.00 Oct-28-02 17:56:02 PST
crpgerSpacer(41)Spacerstar $25.00 Oct-28-02 07:22:52 PST
eyalkatzSpacer(63)SpacerstarSpacer Not a registered user $22.50 Oct-25-02 06:18:27 PDT
crpgerSpacer(41)Spacerstar $20.00 Oct-27-02 22:22:39 PST
planktonxSpacer(1583)SpacerstarSpacerabout me $10.00 Oct-24-02 13:36:06 PDT

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