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Are We There Yet?, Electronic Arts, IBM PC. A humorous puzzle game similar to The Fool's Errand but featuring an American family on vacation. EA flipbox, shrinkwrapped. The left side is somewhat crushed. [G(S,C)]
GATO, Spectrum Holobyte, IBM PC. Submarine simulation for IBM PC, also works on PCjr. Flat folder package, I believe it's the first release. The disk label says version 1.1. The outer folder is really worn. Has the disk, manual, and a card with a keyboard template, operating hints and a Morse code table. The disk sleeve is not the original. [G/G(MMC)]
The Lost Treasures of Infocom, Infocom, Apple IIGS. The IIGS version is pretty rare and was distributed through Big Red Computer Club, perhaps exclusively. The box, two thick manuals and paper maps are identical to the PC and Mac releases, except the Zork Zero materials are not included as that game was never officially released for the IIGS. A note on the reference card states that Big Red could not obtain a license for the interpreter that Zork Zero uses. They may have been intending to port it. Also there are no catalogs or registration cards - they may have been left out by Big Red. [VG/F(MMC)]
Manhunter 2: San Francisco, Sierra On-Line, IBM PC. Has the disks, Manhunter's Field Guide / manual, Orb Alliance card, quick reference card and PC technical reference sheet. Missing the Sierra catalog and registration card. [VG/VG(MMC)]
Mario Teaches Typing, Interplay, IBM PC. Educational typing program featuring Nintendo's famous plumber mascot. An interesting relic from the days before Nintendo kept a tighter leash on licensing their characters, after the Mario and Legend of Zelda train wrecks on CD-i. Two-piece slipcover box with manual, one 3.5" and one 5.25" disk, and registration card. Disk labels say "Startup Disk", so possibly missing another disk? Also missing any catalog that originally came with it. The top box piece has a crack and the slipcover has some wear. (Incidentally, I think Mavis Beacon as a playable Smash Bros character would be a fantastic, if obscure, inside joke.). [G/VG(IM,MMC)]


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