Help Me Earn Free Stuff and I'll Send You $5.00!


Everybody loves free stuff, right? A friend of mine clued me into this. You know those "free" checks you get in the mail from your credit card company sometimes, where cashing them enrolls you in some service? You can cancel the service during a trial period and not owe anything, and they let you keep the money. I fill those out all the time and get free money, it's great. Never had any bad consequences (except some of them have stopped sending me the free checks!)

This is sort of like that. It's a referral program where you can earn free iPods, game systems, etc., by getting other people to sign up. It's not a scam. I know, every scam CLAIMS it's not a scam, but this really isn't. It's been featured on CNN, MSNBC, G4TechTV and in Wired magazine, and it's sponsored by legitimate companies like Citibank, Blockbuster, Columbia House, Discover, etc.

The short version:

I've already signed up. Now you sign up using me as a referral. I send you $5.00. You cancel the services (if you want to) before the trial period expires, and owe nothing. I get free stuff. Then I help YOU get free stuff.

The longer version:

  1. Click on this link.
  2. You will be redirected to a FreePay site where you can choose a free item you would like to receive yourself.
  3. Create an account, and sign up for one of the offers there. (You have to actually complete the signup process. I recommend either the Citibank Credit Monitoring which is free for 30 days, plus you get a free credit report; or else the free Wal-Mart gift card for trying Connections Entertainment Service, only costs $1.00. If you buy a lot of new DVDs or music CDs you might also find the Columbia House or BMG Music offers worthwhile.)
  4. Make a note of any trial periods so if you want to cancel you can do it before your credit card gets charged. Don't just cancel immediately, or you won't get credit for signing up. (They thought of that.)
  5. Send me a message telling me that you've signed up. Once I get confirmation from FreePay I will send you $5.00 through PayPal. If I make enough referrals I get a free item.
  6. Best of all, once I get my free item, I will replace my referral link with YOURS (in the order received), so that YOU can use any of my additional referrals as credit toward your OWN free items! I get a lot of visitors to this site so this can help you get your free stuff fast!

Any questions, just--



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