Wing Commander II Deluxe Edition
by Origin Systems

Description: Includes Wing Commander II, Special Operations 1 & 2, and the Speech Accessory Pack. Electronic Arts CD-ROM Classics Gold Edition release. Top box piece has a crack about 1.5" long in the top left corner. Includes the disc, installation guide, "Running the Game in Windows 95" information sheet, registration card and a couple of catalogs. The game documentation is included as a set of PDFs on the disc. There is also a printout of a guide written by David S. "Center" Raley, who also wrote a save editor for the game. (If you don't want this last item I can leave it out to drop a few ounces off the total weight.).

Platform: IBM PC.

MobyScale Rating: [VG/F]

Media: CD-ROM.

Status: Available.



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