Mario Teaches Typing
by Interplay

Description: Educational typing program featuring Nintendo's famous plumber mascot. An interesting relic from the days before Nintendo kept a tighter leash on licensing their characters, after the Mario and Legend of Zelda train wrecks on CD-i. Two-piece slipcover box with manual, one 3.5" and one 5.25" disk, and registration card. Disk labels say "Startup Disk", so possibly missing another disk? Also missing any catalog that originally came with it. The top box piece has a crack and the slipcover has some wear. (Incidentally, I think Mavis Beacon as a playable Smash Bros character would be a fantastic, if obscure, inside joke.).

Platform: IBM PC.

MobyScale Rating: [G/VG(IM,MMC)]

Media: 5.25" and 3.5" Disks.

Status: Available.



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