Game Pak I
by Software Toolworks / Software Country

Description: Contains 5 games in one large box: Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer, Airplane Factory, The Hunt for Red October, Chessmaster 2000 and Life & Death. Package includes: Both disk sizes, installation instructions, software catalog, unused registration card, foam insert; manual and addendum for Advanced Flight Trainer; manual for Airplane Factory; manual, mission documents and submarine identification chart for Hunt for Red October; manual for Chessmaster; manual, operating procedures manual, letter from Dr David Lindstrom and code wheel for Life & Death. The box is pretty flimsy and is slightly crushed, has worn corners and one split about 3" up the side. All of the contents are in good condition.

Platform: IBM PC.

MobyScale Rating: [G/F]

Media: 5.25" and 3.5" Disks.

Status: Available.



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