by Abstract Concepts
(Two-piece box)

Abstract Concepts was a spin-off label of Delta 4, used to publish their more "serious" adventures (Delta 4 being best known for Fergus McNeill's humorous takes on J.R.R. Tolkien (The Boggit, Bored of the Rings), The Big Sleaze, and Robin of Sherlock. Founded in 1987, Abstract had three planned games using the SWAN ("System Without A Name") engine, for which McNeill did the coding but not the game design and text. The best-known and only published of these is Mindfighter by Anna Popkess (an "ex-photocopier saleswoman", according to the game's manual, now married to McNeill).

Mindfighter casts players as Robin, an 11-year-old psychic boy who experiences a vision of a post-apocalyptic city (following a war foretold in the prophecies of Nostradamus). The game's story, in which Robin attempts to prevent the war from occurring, is told in third-person past tense. The two-piece package includes a fold-out cover poster and a 150-page novel dealing with events before the war, designed to get the player into the feel of the game (and to provide off-disk copy-protection).


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