by Infocom
(Small plastic case with Infocom logo)

Guy in Australia unearthed this and traded it to me. It's the original Mechwarrior game (itself something of a collector's item) in a small 5.5" x 6.5" plastic case, with an Infocom logo! The manual has a copyright date of 1992, contrary to the U.S. publication year of 1989. Activision also distributed the original release of the game, but at the time they hadn't yet acquired Mediagenic (who then owned Infocom).

Australian-release covers of all three original BattleTech games are pictured on the back (this one, Inception and Revenge), but none of their miniaturized cover shots bear the Infocom logo. Only Activision is mentioned in the manual, on the disk labels, and on the game's title screen.


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