by Attic / Dragonware
(Dragonware box)

Attic was a German software company that, among other things, published three text adventures for Amiga, PC, and Atari ST. Ooze was the only one translated to the English language. Its original release name was Ooze: Als die Geister M?rbe Wurden, while the English version is subtitled Creepy Nites.

It's a horror/mystery game, and the package includes a diary and some letters to set the story. Your character, the recent heir of Carfax Abbey where the game takes place, is named "Ham Burger" (and I suspect many potential players eschewed this game based on that pun alone).

The cardboard box (pictured above) is more common than the plastic case (distributed by AriolaSoft). I believe both versions (German and English) were available in this packaging.


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