by Infocom
(Dysan release)

Infocom Dysan boxes are easily identified by their bright red slipcover, about the size and thickness of an Activision Collection box, with the title and Infocom logo in green and the company name in gold. The gold box under the slip is open-ended, that is, there's no top box piece to cover it. As a result, the slip will likely be pressed in a little bit in front, despite the inclusion of some foam padding. The entire package is very light and flimsy-feeling.

Suspended has a miniature version of the screaming-face folio manual, the Underground Complex map and robot markers, and the disk with the trademark green Dysan label. The map is the same thickness as the grey and folio packages (not the thinner variety included with the Commodore-published version), and is folded differently to accomodate the Dysan box. The letter from Contra Central Mentality is printed on the inside manual cover. There is no parser bug letter; I believe the corrected game file was out by this point. The game description on the back of the box paraphrases and dilutes the original Infocom blurb.

The disk in mine is 5-1/4", but one side of the slipcover says it contains 3-1/4" media. Yes, 3-1/4". Back before 3-1/2" was selected as the new industry standard for floppies, there were experiments with other sizes. (Thanks to Paul Coad for this tip.) As Dysan was a leading disk manufacturer, this makes sense. Some Dysan Infocoms actually contain this type of disk, but all I've seen personally are the 5-1/4". Perhaps this was the reason Dysan produced these in the first place, to support this obscure media format?


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