QL Pawn
by Magnetic Scrolls
(Small black plastic case with slipcover)

The Pawn was originally developed by Magnetic Scrolls for the Sinclair QL computer. Sinclair packaged and distributed this version in 1985, a year prior to the Rainbird releases for other systems.

The game comes on two tiny microcassettes, "Game" and "Key", in a wallet-sized plastic case with a slipcover, and also includes two blanks for making a backup copy of the game. The Key cassette is used as anti-piracy protection to allow the copy to be loaded. There's also a small 18-page manual with a bit of background on Kerovnia, but without the full text of the novelette.

Unlike most later versions, which added graphics, QL Pawn was text only, but the parser is as flexible here as in the later releases.


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