GFS Sorceress
by Avalon Hill
(Disk package)

G.F.S. Sorceress is the name of a ship in Avalon Hill's sci-fi game, done in the style of 1950s serials. Avalon Hill was the Sierra of its day, in that their games were mass-produced and available everywhere. Most aren't rare collectibles today, but they can be a challenge to come by. Unfortunately the parser is two-words and substandard, and the game doesn't live up to the mood created in the accompanying short story. It sounds like there may have been plans to continue this as a series, but it never happened.

The package variation for this one isn't apparent unless you compare the bottom half of the box. The cover art is identical, but the layout of the rear blurb is different for the disk and cassette packages:

Compare this with the cassette version.


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