Empire of the Overmind
by Avalon Hill
(Blue box with window cover art)

My copy of this package (the "blue" box, I call it) contains the diskette-based version, although I've been told there is a cassette version with multiple systems, and that this package art is the earliest.

The "Rhyme of the Overmind" prop is identical in both versions, but I've got the instruction manual in two different sizes: a tall, narrow version and a more standard 8" x 5" booklet.

Avalon Hill's GFS Sorceress and Lords of Karma were sold sold as both disk and cassette versions as well, but the only difference with these is the back of the box, which has a picture of a diskette or tape, as appropriate. The front cover art is the same in both cases. Ripper may have been disk format only.


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