by Synapse
(Box package)

The most difficult of the Synapse/Broderbund Electronic Novels to find, and the only one that came packaged in a box instead of the usual hardcover book with slipcase. The box is pretty flimsy and, like those of the Addison-Wesley J.R.R. Tolkien games, crushes easily.

If you've flipped through the previews in the back of one of the earlier Electronic Novels -- Brimstone, Essex, or Mindwheel -- you've probably noticed the different artwork for Breakers. This was a prototype cover, and does not exist in published form. (Nor do the other three games listed, though one of the original authors has the finished cover art for Deadly Summer, and another the almost-complete code for Ronin.)

Here's a later pre-release cover, pulled from Broderbund's 1986 catalog, this time using the same lettering for the title as the final package. Personally I like this one better than the cover they eventually went with.


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