Escape from Rungistan
by Sirius
(Paperboard folder package)

Ah, now here's an oldie-but-goodie. This was one of the first adventures I ever played, and despite a two-word parser it featured a number of innovations for its time. It's probably best remembered for the arcade and real-time sequences, such as skiing down a hill and putting out a stick of dynamite before it explodes. Needless to say, when fueled by the imagination and poor typing skills of an 8-year-old, this game could get pretty intense at times!

It also contains the worst puzzle ever (yes, worse than the Zork II baseball diamond maze) -- a combination lock that requires you to enter all three commands on one line to open it... and gives you absolutely no clue that this is how you do it. I spent weeks of my life suffering at the hands of this ill-conceived puzzle before finally locating a solution. Maybe I should start a support group.

According to an issue of Computer Gaming World this game was re-released by Broderbund at some point.


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