Scott Adams Adventure Series Limited Gold Edition
by Adventure International
(Disk package)

The centerpiece of my Adventure International collection...

...the Scott Adams Adventure Series Limited Gold Edition. This was sold by Adventure International specifically as a collector's item, possibly the first piece of collectible software in history. It comes in a sturdy vinyl and plastic case and contains the original twelve Scott Adams Adventures. The original retail price, embossed on the front cover, was $100.00.

This was sold with both disk and cassette media. The disk package (pictured above) has the adventures spread across three disks.

The cassette package is wider, with a dozen gold-label tapes, one adventure per tape.

Both of mine are for Atari (system info is embossed directly on the cover), but I've been told from a previous owner that it was available on cassette for TRS-80 Model III. It may exist for other platforms as well -- perhaps a disk version for Apple II. I'd appreciate any info on this from other collectors.

Also included in the package is a glossy photo of Scott Adams. (He's the one on the left. Not sure who the other guy is.)

Finally, the Gold Edition came with a certificate of authenticity, individually numbered, and signed by Scott Adams. The numbers on mine are "0449" (cassette) and "0642" (disk). I have no idea how many of these were produced, but the 4-digit number suggests it was at least 1000. Most interesting: The certificate of authenticity guarantees replacement of any defective media if it should fail prior to July 10, 2001! Adventure International definitely planned to be around considerably longer than it turned out.


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