Wombats I: Gazumba the Great and the Wombats of Borozoa
by Dynamic Software Design
(Hard plastic folder with inlay)

A bizarre comedy adventure game set on a college campus, albeit one riddled with incongruous objects. Most absurd of all, there are absolutely no wombats in the actual game! Published by Dynamic Software Design, and originally sold for $27.95 + shipping, as far as I can determine by mail-order only. The authors, Alex Leavens and Shirley Russell, also programmed a number of semi-rare games for the Atari 2600. Eventually they married, although I'm told Alex tragically passed away in December of 2002. Wombats II was completed, but it was never released commercially, and was supposedly even weirder than the first one.

The game comes in a hard black plastic folder with a transparent sleeve on the front for the cover inlay. Inside are the disk, manual, registration card, and another card you could mail in for a certificate if you managed to solve the weirdness.


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