by Med Systems / Screenplay
(Screenplay plain white box (actually Asylum II))

Here's an obscure little gem of a game where the goal is to escape from the mental institution in which you're trapped. This is the one with the famous "piano" puzzle: Your character has a morbid fear that a piano will come crashing down on his head if he looks up... and if you try it, that's exactly what happens! So to get past another character who's blocking your path, you have to make them look up, so the piano lands on them instead!

I've run across a lot of people searching for this'n. Everyone who's ever played it seems to have fond memories of it. Unfortunately it's also quite rare, Med Systems being a rather small game shop. For some computer platforms, only 500 or 1000 copies were ever produced.

Note that this game is actually Asylum II, even though it says Asylum. Med Systems changed their name to Screenplay about halfway through their run. All Screenplay releases are Asylum II, while Med Sys packages indicate the original Asylum. Both games are pretty much the same, but Asylum II is smaller and much easier than the first.


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