Dragon's Keep
by Sierra On-Line
(Sierra On-Line box)

Aimed at children, this rare Sierra adventure was designed to teach reading comprehension and map interpretation skills. The goal is to free 16 animals that have been captured by a dragon. The game comes with a pre-drawn adventurer-style map (circles for rooms, lines representing connections), and a sheet of stickers used to mark the animals once you've found them. To simplify directions, east and west are replaced by left and right. Typing is replaced by multiple-choice menus.

This was written by Al Lowe (of Leisure Suit Larry fame), along with his wife Margaret and a couple of other Sierra staff members. The Apple and Atari versions used Penguin's Graphics Magician to do the artwork.

The version I have comes in a yellow box the same size as the Hi-Res Adventures, but there's also a white package, likely a plastic case.


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