by Sentient Software
(SoftSmith repackaging)

This package is a re-release by SoftSmith, aka The Software Guild, though it only gives the original 1981 date. They repackaged a lot of obscure titles for Atari, IBM, TRS-80, etc., that saw otherwise limited distribution. I'm guessing they did Oo-Topos as well, though I couldn't find one in the warehouse where I dug up this diamond.

Notice how plain the package is. There's a basic plot description on the back, but nowhere on the package does it say that it's a text adventure game, nor does it mention author Michael Berlyn. The lesson here? Know your companies! If I hadn't known Sentient Software as a publisher of text games, I could have easily passed this by.

Yes, that's the original shrinkwrap around the package. And no. (I know what your next question is going to be, and the answer is no.)


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