by Arcadia
(Folder package)

No, it's not connected to Fritz Lang's classic film. Rather, Metropolis is a sci-fi detective adventure employing side-view graphics like the early LucasArts adventures, and a full-sentence conversation parser reminiscent of the more recent Starship Titanic. There's some digitized speech in there, too.

The package blurb boasts a 20,000 word vocabulary and 60 million intelligent responses, but this seems a bit dubious to me. The story is highly conversation-driven, though, and expects you to type as if actually talking to someone: Standard two-word adventure commands will not work.

Developed by Arcadia, published by Mastertronic. An obscure one, definitely worth a look if you can find it. Comes in a tri-fold package, like Telarium's, but smaller.


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