Guardians of Infinity
by Paragon

This truly unique text adventure employs a character-graphics screen divided into multiple sections, with one window for each of the time-travelling agents you direct in an effort to prevent President Kennedy's assassination.

The game is played in real-time (no pauses at the prompt), and allows you to ask and respond to characters' questions, as well as giving the usual text adventure commands. It includes a 90-page novella providing characterization for the agents and an exceptionally well-researched 145-page mission manual outlining the whereabouts of everyone connected with the assassination during the week of November 15th - 27th, 1963. One of the disks also contains a graphical slide-show with additional information on the mission.

I was talking with a guy not long ago, who lamented the lack of a full solution for this game. Has anyone out there finished it?


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