King's Quest (Quest for the Crown)
by Sierra On-Line
(IBM plastic case)

The very first release of King's Quest, in the same type of clear plastic case IBM used for Zyll and a lot of their other PC and PCjr titles. IBM recruited Sierra to develop a game that showcased the capabilities of the IBM PCjr. As a result, it sold only as well as the PCjr itself (which is to say, not well) until Sierra published their own versions for Tandy and PC later that year.

The copy I have is technically not the very first release. Mine is 1984, and a version with a 1983 date does exist. Aside from the dates on the disk, manual, and inlay, the packaging is identical. Each disk is individually numbered. There is also a full keyboard overlay, showing command shortcuts.

The manual was written by IBM and thus does not include the story by Roberta Williams explaining the quest, so you're basically stealing the three treasures just because King Edward told you to. Sir Graham is referred to as "Sir Grahame", and the manual illustrations look like something out of the "Fractured Fairy Tales" on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.

See what I mean?


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