BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception
by Infocom
(Soft-World Taiwanese release)

For the longest time I had assumed this was some kind of Asian pirate release, Soft-World Research Centre being based out of Kao-hsiung, Taiwan (well-known among Atari 2600 collectors for its pirate cartridges). But a couple of other collectors have assured me that Soft-World was a legitimate distributor, with proper authorization from the original developers. They released many Origin titles, including the Ultima and Wing Commander series and their hint books, in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The Soft-World BattleTech comes in a custom plastic case with the company logo, designed for 5.25" disks. Professional disk labels, sleeves, inlays with screenshots (and Soft-World's slogan, "The Best of Computer Game [sic]"), but it would still be classified as a budget release. No instructions, weapons guide or poster, and certainly not the Ral Partha figurine. The game itself is in English.

Anybody have any other Soft-World releases of Infocom titles? I'm wondering if the second BattleTech game, or possibly Mines of Titan, came out in this packaging.


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