by Infocom
(Budget release with no outer package)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, feast your eyes on this hideous freak of nature! Try your best not to scream out loud as you behold the horror that is Cornerstone, the database program whose development costs and spectacular belly-flop in the PC market essentially bankrupted Infocom.

Okay, I'm exaggerating. There were many factors that played a part in Infocom's demise, from their reluctance to incorporate graphics to the Activision merger. But the costly investment and poor sales of Cornerstone definitely had an impact.

This is the budget $99.95 release Infocom sold for some time to try to recoup at least some of their losses. It's got the disks inside the manual with shrinkwrap over the whole thing, no plastic case or outer box. I'm aware of two other versions in a large blue hard plastic carrying case, one with a single large manual (different cover, showing a group of smiling non-cartoon people), and the other with a set of smaller manuals.

I still occasionally hear from people who to this day actually use the program.


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