Zork I: The Great Underground Empire
by Infocom
(Japanese graphic adventure)

A graphical version of Zork I for the Sega Saturn, only released in Japan. (eBay is God!)

Sure wish I could read Japanese. The manual credits are in English, though, and David Lebling and Marc Blank are mentioned as the original designers. The graphics and new interface were created by a team of Japanese programmers. The copyright date is 1996. If anyone out there has a Saturn, and the ability to read Japanese, I'd gladly invite you over so we could try it out.

Here are some screen shots from the manual, and the back of the jewel case inlay:

The title screen (in English, curiously enough).

The famous white house.

Auto-mapping. Nifty.

The troll (complete with axe).

Navigating the Great Underground Empire.

From what I can determine, the game text is superimposed over the graphics, and the two are alternately brightened as the player switches between them.

"Fweep! Fweep, I tell you, Fweep!"

The cyclops at the end of the maze.

High atop Flood Control Dam #3.

Can anybody tell me whether the other two-thirds of the original Zork trilogy made it to the Saturn (or any other game system)?


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