Forbidden Planet
by Fantastic Software
(Hard plastic folder)

A talking adventure for the TRS-80, Forbidden Planet actually speaks through an amplifier connected to the TRS's cassette port, no voice synthesizer required.

Included with the disk are an ad blurb, instruction card, and hint sheet, all in a square hard plastic folder with cover art glued to the outside. The publisher, Fantastic Software, is not identified on the front cover, only on a small gold card on the back, underneath the shrinkwrap, which also includes a game description. Sealed or opened, these titles are rare.

The author, William Demas, also created one sequel (Forbidden City) as well as two other TRS-only games, Timequest and Panik!. The former of these was likely another talking adventure. Demas also programmed Frog, an arcade game published by Adventure International, and co-authored Adventure #12, Golden Voyage, with Scott Adams.


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