X-Men (QuestProbe #4)
by Adventure International
(Marvel comic book)

Work on X-Men, the fourth Questprobe game, was begun in 1984 but never completed. According to Scott Adams, about 75% of the game code had been written when AI filed Chapter 11, but none of the graphics were ever created.

The accompanying comic book, on the other hand, was already finished by Marvel when AI died. Marvel held onto the story for years until finally publishing it in 1987 in their Marvel Fanfare series. Issue #33 is the one you're looking for, and you can probably still pull it from the back-issue boxes at your local comic shop for a couple of bucks. The cover art is likely different from what was intended for the game, as it does not feature the trademark Bio-Gem, and the Chief Examiner has been tucked away on the back cover. I have no idea if the original cover art was ever finished. Inside, the credits give "special thanks to 'Questprobe' editor Bob Budiansky", but do not even mention Scott Adams.

The incomplete PC version of X-Men is available for download from Greg Cavanagh's Scott Adams page, with Scott's permission. (However, please don't bug Scott about finishing the game. Even if he wanted to, he legally can't because he no longer has the rights to use the Marvel characters. Also, if you're thinking of putting the game up on your own page, please ask Scott and Greg if it's okay first.)


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