Non-Game Items
by Infocom
(Photo of Douglas Adams and Steve Meretzky)

A black-and-white photo of Douglas Adams (left) with Infocom author Steve Meretzky, taken during the time when the two were working together on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, signed by both. (Steve's first pen ran out of ink.) A great shot of Infocom's mysterious interior. Note the neat stuff in the background: The Zork III map on the wall behind Adams, and the complete set of Hitchhiker's Guide books on the shelf behind Meretzky. It should be clear now how Steve became known around Infocom as "The Bearded Oracle of Yonkers".

This was the second item I won on eBay (Synapse Essex for PC was the first), and the one that taught me the value of sniping so that people won't see the hidden goodies you're bidding on. (Jeremy!)

While leafing through some 1980s computer magazines, I recently made a great discovery: This exact photo (prior to its signing) was published in the April 1985 issue of Electronic Games, split across pages 28 and 29. The article containing it examines I-F adaptions of books (including the Trillium/Telarium library as well as Hitchhiker's Guide).

(This is a cropped image, not the entire magazine spread. Notice that EG's photo editor trimmed the original picture slightly as well.)

Douglas Adams hitched a ride out of this universe on 5/11/2001, at the age of 49, from a heart attack. I can only assume this increases the value of this item exponentially. Amazingly, while I've been flooded with requests for Infocom's Hitchhiker's Guide, I have yet to get a request to purchase this photo. (Let's keep it that way, shall we?)


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