Non-Game Items
by Sierra On-Line
(On-Line Letter magazine)

Bought this off another Sierra collector who was calling it quits. Apparently On-Line produced this as a sort of promotional newsletter, like Infocom's New Zork Times / Status Line, though the cover price indicates On-Line's wasn't simply given out to subscribers. This is Volume 1, Number 1, and I have no idea how many issues were printed or how large the print run was.

It's 20 pages, with the same dimensions as a newsstand magazine. There are ads and articles about a number of On-Line products, both business and games, and even a couple of Edu-Ware ads. The most interesting are a photo spread from On-Line's one-year anniversary celebration, an article by Roberta Williams containing general tips for playing adventure games, and a preview of Cranston Manor. The back cover advertises Hi-Res Adventures #0-2. The front and back of the mag have some color, but inside it's all B&W.

And yes, Sierra fans, one day I will get around to making high quality scans of the entire zine. Let me know if you'd like a CD-R when they're ready (but please don't pester! B-)


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