Infocom Hollywood Hijinx Dealer Promotional Announcement Card

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Dealer promotional mailing for Infocom's Hollywood Hijinx. It's an 8" x 8" white envelope featuring a large red star. (The back side is blank so I haven't bothered to photograph it.) This one does not have a recipient address label. It has never been sealed.

Inside is a full-color fold-out card with kitschy Hollywood proclamations such as "THRILL To a Million Dollar Inheritance!" and "LAUGH At a Hundred Goofy Gags!" The back side displays a blurb about Hollywood Hijinx with system availability and information on how to order it. The card opens like the page of a pop-up book to reveal a tinseltown-style marquee, with a B&W of the game's prop spread below.

The envelope has some very small denting at the corners, and one corner of the card inside has it as well. In addition, there's a tiny spot of dried glue or something on the back. I've highlighted both of these in the close-ups, though the dinged corner doesn't show very well in the top picture. These are the only imperfections. (The text on the back side, at the bottom, is not faded or anything. That's just my camera's flash being obnoxious.)

This item's condition is [F] by Mobyscale standards.

I will package this in a plastic comic book sleeve and mail it between two pieces of sturdy cardboard. Please use the links below to determine your postage cost. You only pay the base postage. Full insurance is included, and I'll cover that. International buyers, this means I will be declaring the full value on the customs form. I will not ship this item uninsured, or insured for less than the full value, so please do not ask.

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