Infocom Personal Software "Barbarian" Zork for TRS-80

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Behold, an original Personal Software Zork, with the famous barbarian cover art (hence its nickname "Barbarian Zork"). Prior to publishing their own software, Infocom broke the original mainframe version of Zork into three parts that were small enough to run on microcomputers at the time. The first commercial release of Zork I was done through Personal Software.

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This copy is for the TRS-80 Model I and is complete in its original plastic bag, with stickers on the outside. The bag has been opened, but the disk, warranty card, and oversized manual are all in excellent condition. I do not advise removing it from the bag as that would require bending the manual slightly, since the mouth of the bag is slightly narrower than the width of the booklet. (Not quite sure how they managed to accomplish that.)

This item's condition is [VG/F] by Mobyscale standards. Since BetterThanTheBay is just getting off the ground, I'm leaving this up for 30 days so more people have a chance to see it.

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Questions and Answers:

Q: I sent this as an e-mail, but was requested to use the link here.. so here goes: Why do the disk jackets and labels tend to vary so much? More directly, which ones originally came with them? Obviously there are differences inherent between the TRS-80 and Apple II versions. TRS-80 Model I copy (1982) -Pictured here TRS-80 Model III copy (1981) -I've seen with a Radio Shack TSR-80 dust jacket (Similar diskette label). Apple II and Apple Plus copy (1980) -I've seen with a plain dust jacket and a Personal Software diskette label. Dates are simple, but the disk jackets differ (TRS-80 vs generic)for the TRS versions. If the dates were reversed, I'd question less... But the TRS-80 Model I version is obviously a catalog purchase. Would it not have the TRS covers or would TRS covers be replacements? **NOTE** I am NOT questioning the validity of the item. I'm 100% positive in its authenticity. I'm merely nit-picking details, as I'm relatively new to the collector side of vintage games. I've done A LOT of research about version histories (software version, release dates, platforms, etc...) There simply are not a whole lot of visual reference materials on these very early copies. (It is much easier to make a determination on a grey box than a PS baggie).
A: Thanks for writing. Unfortunately I have simply seen too few of these to be able to give a definitive assessment. I have only ever personally seen a plain white sleeve for any versions of the Personal Software Zork. For what it's worth, all of the copies I obtained through my source have the white sleeve, as does the one in my personal collection. My only guess is that at that time, there simply wasn't a lot of standardization in place yet, and they went with whatever they had available. Sorry I can't offer any more than that.

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