Infocom "Sample the Works of the Master Storytellers" Sampler for IBM PC and Apple II

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The second Infocom sampler, released in 1987 and containing brief interactive demos of Zork I, Leather Goddesses of Phobos, Trinity and Wishbringer. From my experience, these are about as scarce as the 1984 sampler, but are more likely to be complete and intact when you do find them. The 1984 sampler came in a blister pack that was more often than not torn open and discarded. This one is in a sturdy white paperboard envelope. Infocom published these in an effort to recruit new players into their ranks.

The system label on this one, also serving as the package's seal, was cut neatly through, allowing it to be opened. Inside, the disk is labeled "The Infocom Sampler" (rather than "The Four-in-One Infocom Sampler") and has both the Apple and PC versions on the same disk. It also has a manual/pocket folder titled "Enter a World Limited Only by Your Imagination", an Interactive Fiction reference card, and the "Passport" version of the Infocom catalog. Everything is in excellent condition.

This item's condition is [F/F] by Mobyscale standards.

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Questions and Answers:

Q: Hi Chris, is this the same that you recently sold me saled? Thank you! Chris PS: Do you remember I asked you to hold on the stuff I won last time? In your response, could you pls remind me what those items are: since I didn't win all auctions I bid on, I lost a bit track of the ones I have to bid on again :) Thanks again! Ciao, Chris
A: I sold a couple of these sealed through the Shoppe some time ago. This is the same type of Sampler. I'm confused on your other question. Everything you won has been paid for and shipped. (Responding privately, since this is related to closed auctions. Please only use the Q&A form to ask about currently active auctions.)

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