Infocom Sale Sheets: Border Zone, Plundered Hearts, Sherlock, Zork+Enchanter Trilogy

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Glossy sale sheets for Infocom's Border Zone, Enchanter Trilogy, Plundered Hearts, Sherlock and Zork Trilogy. Infocom sent these to software retailers in the 1980s to encourage them to carry their games.

Several people have expressed an interest in these Infocom sales sheets, but were hesitant to bid because of the shipping cost for just one sheet. So here's a set of five, sold together. Combined with the other set of five, this will give you one of each kind that I have, making as complete a set as possible (not counting Cornerstone).

Each sheet measures 8.5" x 11". The sheets for Border Zone, Plundered Hearts, and Sherlock are two-sided. The front sides are in color and show the game's cover art and a description for use as an advertisement. The back sides are B&W and describe the game, packaging, key features, and the platforms they were available on. The sheets for Enchanter Trilogy and Zork Trilogy are one-sided, B&W, and contain two- and three-column consumer ads, the product logos, and illustrations of the packages.

The Enchanter Trilogy sheet has some very slight creasing at the top of the page. It rates [VG] by Mobyscale standards. All of the other sheets are in excellent condition, rating [F].

I will package each of these in their own plastic comic book sleeve with backboard for protection, and mail them in a Priority Mail box. The postage amount below includes full insurance and tracking. International buyers, this means I will be declaring the full value on the customs form. I will not ship these items uninsured, or insured for less than the full value, so please do not ask.

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