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YOIS is again alive and well, back on a regular update schedule. I've had a couple of successful hunting excursions over the last few weeks, and the merchandise and orders continue to flow in. Lots of Q-&-A's, so please refer to the updated FAQ, particularly for international orders. Other updates this time:

Repeat Mailings

It seems that recently I've had a lot of duplicate mailings in my box, from people who send mail, wait a day or two, then send it again, often adding such commentary as: "I sent this a whole 24 hours ago and you still haven't replied, what's wrong, is your mail server down or do you just not like me?"

Just so everyone knows: Depending on my schedule, I find time to check my mail between 2 and 4 times a week. I would love to give instantaneous e-mail replies, but unfortunately I just don't have the time. This means that working out a large deal can take a week or so, and I apologize for this.

Duplicate mailings, particularly just after an update when I have 10 - 12 deals to sort through, only serve to confuse me (Did I already reserve these items, or was that for a different person?) and ultimately slow me down further. So. Please don't do this. If you sent me mail, I promise I will answer, even if it's just to let you know that the items you'd asked about are no longer available.


Sighhh... B-) Not yet. Finally got in touch with my seller. He recalls having 5 or 6 copies, but some may have been sold back when Infocom first released it. I have one confirmed for sure, and it's heading for my personal collection; Beyond that, I can't make any promises other than a couple of sets of CS disks, and possibly a manual, on the way. My friend is currently cleaning out his store, getting rid of all the old Apple, C64, Atari, etc. stuff, so I'll be getting a huge shipment within a few months (can't be more specific yet). This might be a good time to get your name on the waiting list. Speaking of which...

The Waiting List

Yes, it lives! For awhile, the YOIS waiting list was a separate mailbox into which I chucked all waiting-list requests, whereupon they were quickly skimmed with each stock update and then promptly forgotten. Not so anymore. I've gone through all the saved mail and organized it into a single file which I'll update as I receive requests, and which I promise to check thoroughly before any updates are posted.

It's my own private checklist, and I won't tell you who's in line ahead of you, so please don't ask. (I can let you know how many, though.) Also note that I've scrapped all holds for exceptionally rare items, the most frequently requested being the Starcross saucer and Suspended face-mask. Let's face it, I'm not going to find 20+ of these things. If I ever get one, it'll go to the person who wants it the most (i.e. highest bidder).

Another Source

If you're not having luck with YOIS, you might try my friend Manuel Schulz's Adventure Market. This is an open forum, not affiliated with YOIS in any way, where I-F collectors can post requests to buy, sell or trade specific packages. You can specify factors such as condition, completeness and price range. Tell Manuel I sent ya!

International Orders

For European collectors who have sold me things in the past: I will no longer be sending international postal money orders as payment. Long story, so bear with me here. It turns out that, in July, our good ol' USPS decided that international money orders were too easy to get, so they went and bureaucratized the procedure.

Now, to get an IMO, I hafta fill out a form, send it to some "service center" for "processing", meaning they forget about it for 6-8 weeks, then finally send me the damn thing. I am not screwing around with this. Please LMK what alternatives you can accept, until they change the policy back. (And I sent 'em a not-very-nice letter strongly suggesting they do so A.S.A.P. God I love this country. B-)


Recently I've come across "software resellers" who deal in used software packages, rewrapping the original packaging and selling it at a discount price. While this is a great source for Infocom packs, some resellers have the irritating habit of sticking unsightly labels directly on the packaging. Some varieties of labels are really difficult to get off without damaging the packages (a few of the pieces this update have "label rips" as a result). I'd be eternally grateful to anyone who knows a good method of getting these things off safely.


I was astounded to hear that one of my buyers had received an anomaly in a Spellbreaker package I'd sent: One of the enchanter trading cards was completely blank on the back side. I hadn't looked; guess I'll be doing that now. Has anyone else encountered anything like this?

New This Month

INFOCOM FOLIOS ARE HERE! I've scraped together a few extra Infocom folio packages, the large, flat boxes in which the games were originally packaged (not counting the Zork blister packs). These are quite scarce and are undoubtedly going to go fast. If you want them, bid high!

Got a large stock of other older adventures as well. It seems Infocom games aren't the only collectible software these days. I've received requests for quite a few '80s graphic and RPG games, so I've begun stocking these as well. If you're interested only in Infocom / I-F stuff, please let me know and I'll consider keeping two separate lists. Also let me know of anything else you'd like to see YOIS carry.

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