Ziggurat (Warriors of Ras vol. IV)
by Med Systems / Screenplay
(Screenplay notched box with printed back cover)

Screenplay's "Warriors of RAS" series sends players through a series of overhead-view dungeon layouts traversed with mostly one-word commands. Gameplay is largely RPG-based, incorporating monster-slaying and experience points. Ziggurat is the fourth and final game in the series. (#1 is Dunzhin, #2 is Kaiv, #3 is The Wylde.) All were programmed by Randall Don Masteller. Ziggurat is the most difficult, designed to challenge even players with strong characters built up through the previous RAS games.

I only have this one in the "notched" box variety, with semicircular notches on either side of the top box piece, and only with the printed (not glued on) back cover. Presumably it was also available in the non-notched style, but the glued-on back covers seem to have been phased out by this point.


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