The Institute
by Med Systems / Screenplay
(Screenplay notched box with glued-on back cover)

Second to Scott Adams himself, Jyym Pearson was probably the most recognized adventure game author to come out of Adventure International. Pearson, usually with co-authors, worked on a number of the AI "Other-Ventures" games, including Curse of Crowley Manor, Escape from Traam and Earthquake San Francisco 1906, as well as the unnumbered adventures Zossed in Space and Saigon: The Final Days.

Published in 1981, The Institute was Pearson's first game released outside of Adventure International, though it uses the Other-Ventures game file format and interpreter. Jyym was still writing games for AI at the time, and after, so I'm going to speculate that AI directed him to MedSys / Screenplay whenever his work ventured into the territory of questionable taste. (The plot of Institute casts you as a mental patient who escapes his cell, raids the medicine stores, and takes drug-induced trips to various remote locales. Jyym is also known for Lucifer's Realm, which according to rumors was the first computer game to be banned in the U.S. ...although I have never been able to find documentation of this anywhere. Most likely a few computer store chains simply refused to carry it.)

Unlike Scott Adams, Jyym Pearson is no longer with us. He succumbed to terminal cancer (metasticized lymphoma) in 1994.


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