YOIS News Archive (2007)

12/03/2007If you tried to access if-legends.org yesterday, you may have noticed it was down. Stefan tells me we had a hard disk crash and the server went down to prevent any data loss. The defective disk got replaced and everything should be working fine now. Sorry for any inconvenience.
09/30/2007Okay, we should be completely migrated over to the new server now. I haven\'t noticed any problems, and have had several orders come across successfully. But let me know if you find anything that doesn\'t work.
09/25/2007Sorry to anyone who had trouble accessing the site the last couple of days. Stefan migrated us to a new server and I just got the yois.biz domain name pointed to it. The new main page is at http://yois.if-legends.org.
08/13/2007Update on the Planetfall 2 auction: The winner is a member of SWCollect and he's going to make sure the game (it's a playable version) is made available. I'm getting a copy from the seller too, turns out he's a former Activision employee I bought a bunch of stuff from a few years back.
08/10/2007Anyone thinking of bidding on the Planetfall 2 demo currently listed on eBay, beware. The seller has 88.2% positive feedback, which is pitiful. Even if he got it from "someone at Infocom", I'm reasonably sure this is just a copy of the demo that came on the Masterpieces CD, which has been freely available at Jim Leonard's site for years now.
07/20/2007The Shoppe is temporarily closed for a couple of weeks. Vacation is coming up, plus I'm dropping completely off the Internet for a few days to avoid any Harry Potter spoilers. (Yes, I'm a freak... This is news to us HOW? B-)
07/04/2007Happy 4th everyone! I'm celebrating the freedom of my country by cleaning up a bunch of the crap I've been dragging into it. Unearthed a big box of Adventure International styrofoam packages (arcade stuff, no adventures, sorry) and am currently adding them to the Shoppe database, along with the latest thrift and computer recycler acquisitions.
06/12/2007I've finally gotten around to fixing the postage calculator after the USPS rate change. If you've been having problems getting shipping quotes from the site, it should be fixed now. But let me know if you see any odd behavior. I still haven't learned all the new mailing rules yet but I'm working on it.

There have been significant changes for international postage. First and most noticeable, there is no longer any "surface mail" option. Everything goes either First-Class Int'l (if it's light enough) or Priority International. The good news is that insurance up to about $65 is now included with any international packages. The bad news is the overall cost is way up, especially to Canada.

03/18/2007I've been asked to participate in Get Lamp, a documentary film about text adventures. More details as I get them myself.

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