YOIS News Archive (2022)

01/06/2022I feel dreadful. I'm pretty sure I've caught some variation of COVID. Apologies for any delay in responding or mailing out packages in the next few days.
01/01/2022Holy poopness, was 2021 ever a Sisyphean year.

Apologies for the long hiatus. The Shoppe is back open now, albeit with one major change: The automated offer acceptance feature has been disabled. All offers, cash or trade, now need to be manually approved by the Shoppekeeper. The reason for this is that I discovered a few too many people using me as a cheap source for items they could flip in auctions, similar to what happened with BetterThanTheBay after I first launched it. I don't always have the time to keep up with price fluctuations, and it started to feel like I would quickly get taken advantage of whenever a spike occurred.

New year, fresh start, so I won't go on yet another rant about the evils of The Auction Site Which Must Not Be Named, but I am going to start putting more emphasis on selling to other collectors, rather than resellers. Resolutions and all that. If it helps, think of it as me placing less trust in automated technology. That's a good theme for 2022, I think, as we collectively slide further along the dystopian timeline.

Lots of new items are listed, including a few BetterThanTheBay auctions, so please take a look and let me know if anything interests you.

P.S. Please give a belated welcome to Purry and Bug, the new official mascots of the Shoppe, replacing Beandip who departed in late 2020.

YOIS News Archive




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