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04/23/2009I've just imported every listing in the Shoppe over to my GameTZ account. (Actually the GameTZ staff did it, I just provided them with the database extract.) If you're a member there and want to build up your score, I'm happy to work the trade through their system.

After three whole months, I am finally down to the Last. Frikkin'. Box.

And for all intents and purposes, we're done. The last box is just 30-odd copies of Third Courier, and I'm not gonna bother listing them all. I've already put up a dozen or so, and the Shoppe is overflowing with duplicates as it is.

So that's the entire TomMage haul, and probably the last Shoppe update for awhile. Hope you had fun, I sure did.

04/15/20092 boxes left! (Sorry for the delay between updates, things got kind of busy at work and I had to work through lunch.)
04/04/20096 boxes...
04/03/20097 boxes...
04/02/20098 boxes to go...
04/01/20099 boxes to go...
Legends of Zork is live! Haven't had a chance to try it yet.
03/31/2009I've listed another box of games. We're down to the final 10 now. Think I'll try to make a push to get everything else listed within the next 2 weeks.

And with that, I give you (as promised), 8-bit nudity.

03/28/2009Just heard from another collector who confirmed that both Goodnight, Cruel World and Parisian Knights by Abstract Concepts were definitely unreleased. (Info thirdhand but originated from Fergus McNeill himself.)
03/23/2009Listed one more box, mostly MicroProse / MicroPlay titles. That's probably all for this week unless I feel really ambitious.

Coming up next: 8-bit nudity!

03/19/2009Another 3 boxes of items listed. This update has the bulk of the SSI games, though there are a few more coming. I'm starting to feel a little burnt out by all of this, so I may take a couple of weekends off, or at least cut back to a single box at a time for awhile. Plus I still need to shelve a lot of the stuff I've listed. And get more shelves.

BTW just in case you didn't notice, I've listed most of the badly-damaged items for very cheap, $2 or $3 at most. And I'll go lower if you're buying in bulk, just to move them.

03/16/2009I've reactivated my account over at Game Trading Zone, if anybody wants to do their trade through that site. Right now I'm trying to find out if I can bulk-load my available list with the Shoppe's data.
03/14/2009Just added 3 more boxes' worth of new item listings. Only 15 more boxes to go!
03/07/2009New items are up, 5 boxes' worth! I also recoded the page to only display items added within the past week, which should make the list a bit easier to sift through. Lots of damaged items, lots of Slash... Remember that huge lot of 10,000 games that Tom bought years ago, from a guy in Pennsylvania (Eli Tomlinson, I think)? A lot of this stuff came out of that, before he sold the remainder to JocksitterDragon.

On an unrelated note, don't use BillMeLater.com as an online payment service. I found a fraudulent charge to my account this week, and getting them to reverse it has been... a lot like dealing with eBay. (Check the 2006 news archive if you're curious.)

03/04/2009Well, between a busy work week and a fraudulent charge to my BillMeLater (I better not find out it was anybody here B-), I haven't gotten much done on adding the latest batch of items. Aiming for this weekend now. I don't think I'm doing anything Friday night.
02/26/2009Another box listed. Mostly crap this time around, but at least it's priced cheap. Grab a $1 or $2 item with the rest of your order. I'll try to get a few more boxes catalogued this weekend and listed early next week.
02/25/2009Got the last of the stuff from Tom on Sunday. Not nearly as much this time, a full trunk and part of the back seat. Still need to sort it into keep versus recycle.

I've been kind of busy with other stuff this week, so it's looking like the weekend for the next batch of new listings. I'll try to get a couple of decent non-IF boxes added in addition to the budget IF stuff.

02/20/2009New items are up, 3 more boxes down! There's one more box of budget IF stuff -- Keypunch, Mastertronic -- then we'll be into the non-IF games. All 20 boxes of them.

On Sunday I'm heading back up to Tom's place to get the last shelf of stuff. (Yeah, there's more!)

02/17/2009Just a quick note on some of the games from this huge lot. A couple of people have asked me about the "smoke odor" in some of the descriptions. I've noticed it when opening some of the boxes to catalogue the contents, but not really on the boxes themselves unless I sniff 'em up close (weirdo). I mention it in the item descriptions when the scent has made a "strong" enough impression on me, in case this is something that really bothers you. Personally I'm more turned off by a box in rotten condition, but I know some collectors who absolutely loathe the smell of cigarettes on their games.

For what it's worth, I've also found that spraying a little Febreeze on a soft cloth and wiping the game box or materials with it can sometimes help alleviate the odor. I'm kind of pressed for time and trying to get these listed fast, so I haven't done it myself. But if it makes the difference between a sale and not, I'd be glad to do it and let you know if the odor subsides.

Aiming for Thursday for the next update, which will add 3 more boxes. More Sierra, a number of Telariums and tons of Mastertronic.

02/14/2009I've just listed the first two boxes of games from the TomMage haul: Infocoms, Sierras, several copies of Realms of Darkness by SSI, and a few oddities. Unfortunately in the list below it's mixed in with the other stuff I added recently. Sorry, not much I can easily do about that. Just have to pick through the list again or wait a few days for the older stuff to disappear.

Much more to come.

02/04/2009Just listed some new items. Note that these are not from the TomMage haul. These are items belonging to a friend, and some of my own, that I was planning to list before I bought up the huge lot. Finally getting around to uploading them.

I'll start on the first box of TomMage stuff tonight. It's going to take awhile -- I need to price, weigh, and write descriptions for every single piece, then generate a script to bulk-insert them, since that's still faster than entering them all manually.

Anybody in the Peoria area looking for a temporary job? B-)

01/31/2009This past week I finally got through the entirety of the TomMage haul. That means it's all sorted, now I have to actually describe and list it all. Trying to push myself to get a little bit done every week, so expect regular updates this year. A few highlights:
  • Twenty-six boxed copies of National Lampoon's Chess Maniac 5 Billion and One.
  • Forty-five boxed copies of The Third Courier, by Accolade.
  • Thirty or so various boxed Cinemaware titles (Defender of the Crown, Rocket Ranger, Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon).
  • More boxed Mastertronic games (Demon's Forge, Demon's Tomb, Time to Die / Borrowed Time) than I bothered to count.
  • Eight early strip poker or similar adult-themed games (yay for 8-bit nudity!)

Here's the final tally:

Infocom games: 1 large box.

Non-Infocom I-F games: 5 large boxes.

Non-IF Shoppe-worthy games: 20 large boxes.

To be sold through Amazon Marketplace: 7 large boxes.

Donated to my local computer recycler for a nice tax deduction: 4 small and 2 large boxes.

Kept for myself: The equivalent of 1 large box.

Thrown away: Absolutely nothing.

01/24/2009As of today I can see my floor again.

This is a great way to unwind in the evenings. I'll come home from work and spend an hour, hour and a half working through the pile. I've started eating dinner later, so I'm not hungry enough to have something right before bed, plus I'm getting lots of exercise from all this lifting and bending down. And some people say this obsession is unhealthy. Pfff.

01/23/2009Still digging into TomMage's lot. This is how far I got last night. The sad part is this is just organizing it. I still have to write descriptions and list all this stuff.

01/21/2009Since almost all of my actual gaming over the past two years has been on consoles, I've added a list of console games I'm looking for. There's also a link on the Want-List page. I'll trade Shoppe items or offer cash for any of these.
01/20/2009What a weekend! My father and I took separate cars up to TomMage's to clear out a ton of his games that were taking up space in his parents' basement. Check out this haul:

We loaded up more than five bookcases of games, five shelves apiece, two rows per shelf, and came home with two cars stuffed full. Now I have to go through all of this and organize it. Expect a massive Shoppe update, or maybe more realistically, a series of smaller ones.

01/14/2009This looks interesting. A company in Ireland has signed a deal with Activision to create a Zork MMO. Looks like it'll be graphical, rather than text-based, and will play on PCs and iPhones. No word yet on subscription costs.
01/06/2009New members: Is anyone having trouble registering with the site? I got an email from someone who said the form wasn't accepting Alaska as a valid state. Haven't had time to look at it, but I'm wondering if anybody else had similar trouble. Thanks.

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