YOIS News Archive (2010)

06/29/2010I've just been informed that the art dealer who sold me the Zork Chronicles and Lost City of Zork paintings has also managed to track down the original cover artwork for Wishbringer! I should know more in a couple of weeks.

Enchanter, unfortunately, appears to be lost. The last I heard it was owned by Byron Preiss, the author and book publisher (who co-wrote Dragonworld). He passed away in 1995, and his company filed Chapter 11 a year later. No idea what happened to the painting, but if the original owner happens to see this, I'd greatly appreciate being contacted.

05/10/2010Okay, here's the big news, a bit late: I have acquired the original paintings used as the cover art of the two Avon Zork novels, The Zork Chronicles and The Lost City of Zork! Pics coming, eventually. I'm in the process of tracking down Enchanter and Wishbringer.
04/27/2010I'm in the process of listing the sell/trade items I've accumulated over the past few months. Anybody still need a BattleTech pin? I've got one. Quite a few loose parts and cluebooks as well.

(This is not the "significant news" I mentioned the other day. Should have that by the end of the week, or early next.)

04/24/2010Hey all,

The Shoppe's postage calculator is finally fixed. Sorry it took so long.

I know I've barely posted in over a year, but in about a week or two I should have some very significant collection news to share with everyone.

03/29/2010If you're getting an "Unable to acquire postage data" error trying to check out, I think the USPS changed their page layout on me again. I'll look at fixing it when I have the time. In the meantime you can just email me and I'll quote you a price based on the items you've reserved.

YOIS News Archive




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